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Drawing: Jenny Holmes

Chalcophaps indica 26 cm

         In Australia the Emerald Dove is a common resident of rainforests and adjacent dense vegetation.

         It is most numerous where the forest or similar dense cover is fragmented.  Often it is observed flying swiftly and low over open ground between foraging areas. 

         It forages on the forest floor alone or in pairs.

    The nests of many pigeons and doves seem to consist of not much more than a
beakful of twigs and a prayer. It is surprising that they hold eggs, let alone wriggling
nestlings, but the commonness of many species, for example the peaceful dove,
which is a minimal nester, means they must serve their purpose. It has been
suggested that these nests may dry out quickly after rain. Flimsiness, however,      may be an illusion; the sticks in nests of superb fruit-doves were found to consist of
forked twigs which were locked into place and difficult to pull apart.
(Source: Department
of Environment)

       It walks away when approached and only takes flight when hard pressed.    

        The territorial call is a low, repeated cooing.

     It is observed readily at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge , and elsewhere along walking tracks and in picnic areas. 



Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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