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Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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Birdwatching Opportunities
at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge 

Sarus Crane In Flight

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Southern CassowaryRare Spotted Catbirds, Victoria's Riflebirds, Tooth-billed Bowerbirds, King Parrots, Wompoo Fruit Doves, Grey-Headed Robins, Eastern Whipbirds, Brush Turkeys, Orange-Footed  Scrubfowl  and many other rainforest native bird species are common sightings from your accommodation at  Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge

Cassowaries are frequent visitors to the Lake Eacham National Park.

Brush TurkeyEach Unit is supplied with binoculars, bird encyclopaedias, maps, and 
general touring information. 

Keen birdwatchers can view many species from their Lodges and laugh at the antics of the dozens of Brush Turkeys, who squabble over the food John feeds them daily at 5 PM while giving an informative commentary on resident rainforest birds. By placing bread and fruit on the front railing during daylight hours you will attract Spotted Catbirds and  Lewin's Honeyeaters. Brown Cuckoo Dove
Adding meat brings in the Kookaburras.

On most nights you can hear the calls of the Boobook Owl and Lesser Sooty Owl. While on full moon nights you can enjoy the magnificent 
atmosphere created by the mating calls of the normally shy Orange-Footed  Scrubfowl.

For approximately 3 months of the year between September and January, Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge plays host to 7 mating male Tooth-billed Bowerbirds who clear a 3 metre circular stage on the rainforest floor and attempt by careful leaf arrangements and mimicry of all sounds of the rainforest to court the females. Depending on his skill an individual male Tooth-billed Bowerbirds may mate with all of the females or none of them but regardless of this he will still maintain his stage for the whole of the season.

Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots add a flash of colour to "The Chambers" rainforest clearing.

From your unit you can see Victoria's Riflebirds feeding on insects under the bark on the sides of the rainforest trees. In the spring you can hear the rasping mating calls of the riflebirds coming out of the rainforest. If the rasping sound is continuous, walk towards it and look for the mating riflebirds about 5 metres above the forest floor on a broken off tree or horizontal branch. The riflebird is the closest thing we have in Australia to the birds of paradise and their mating display is one of the most precious bird watching sightings of the rainforest.

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Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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